Wednesday, 29 May 2013

RoseGirls Haul

Hi !

This is my first ever order from RoseGirls, how exciting is that ! I had tried a couple chunks I got in destashes and Round Robins and was really impressed so of course I had to have my own little collection ! I ordered on March 17th and was one of the last to get my order in, which meant 1 month and a half of TAT. It was all worth it though! Having only tried a couple things I didn't really know what I liked from them and didn't want to commit to full bags so I only got a sampler ! Shipping to Canada was $26 because it was almost 4lbs !

Onto what I got : 

  • Cherry Berry Punch Smoothie - I am usually not a fan of cherry scents, what am I saying..I HATE cherry scents lol, Serendipity and the like..but this is actually quite good ! It doesn't smell like a fake cherry, the punch note is definitely the strongest and the smoothie (marshmallow) makes everything more creamy !
  • Strawberry Monkey Business - I can't do banana either lol, this smells a looot better than the usual banana scents, I can smell the strawberry and I would say it's a pretty good mix of the two ! I still don't like it enough and would hate to waste it so I'll be passing it along to someone else :)
  • Raspberry Key Lime Pie - Love love LOVE ! First off, I think RG's Raspberry scent is the BEST I've ever smelled, wow it's rich and juicy ! I can smell both the lime and the pie part but the Raspberry is the dominant note here
  • Tropical Passion - Well, I have no idea what is in this one...all I can really smell is pineapple and maybe a hint of coconut ? I'm sure there is more than that though !
  • Marshmallow Smoothie Noel - Marshmallow and Vanilla Bean Noel ? Um yes please ! I can smell the marshmallow very well which is pretty rare considering it's usually a light scent ! Yummy. 
  • Pear Buttercream Frosting - Pear is another scent I can't stand lol ! This one is not as bad though, the buttercream definitely mellows out the pear ! I won't be keeping this one.

  • Berrylicious Pancake Batter - I don't know what kind of berries are in this one but it doesn't smell like it's your typical Wildberry Mousse type of scent. It smells more like blueberry but not quite exactly lol ! I can definitely smell the pancake part, it's syrupy and very sweet. Not sure how I feel about it, not my favorite but I'll give it a try !
  • Pomegranate and Strawberries and Cream - Sooo good ! I'm a sucker for strawberry scents so right there they had me lol ! The pomegranate adds a tartness but it's not overly done. Just perfect.
  • Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream - Oddly enough I don't smell any raspberry in this at all. The coconut is really strong and yummy though. I don't really smell the ice cream part either !
  • Pink Swizzle Sticks - Pink Sugar is always a winner in my book, I know a lot of people who don't like it but I just can't get enough ! The swizzle sticks just makes everything sweeter which is perfect to me !
  • Follow The Yellow Brick Road - Again, I have no clue what's in this one ! It smells like artificial strawberries..and maybe raspberries too ? I can't figure out what the overpour is..
  • Fairy Woods - I already had a chunk in this one and I loooved it so I was very happy when I saw it was in my sampler ! It's Pink Sugar and Twilight in The Woods and it's to die for !

  • Circus Concession - I know this is supposed to be a blend of Caramel Apple, Funnel Cake and Cotton Candy but all I smell is Caramel Apple, there may a cakey note but it's very faint. I will be passing this one along too, and it's really sad because it's the biggest chunk of the sampler :( 
  • Strawberry Shortcake Cuppa Cake - Strawberry Shortcaaake <3 ! The best scent in the whole wide world ! I don't really smell the cuppa cake but that's probably because all I wanna smell is the Strawberry Shortcake lol ! It's such a small chunk I wish I would've gotten a large pie in it ! 
  • Watermelon Lime Margarita - Very good and summery ! Makes me want to be by the poolside. I can smell all the notes but it may be a tad stronger on the lime.
  • Grapefruit Swizzle Sticks - This smells soooo good ! The only other grapefruit scent I tried was from Front Porch and I was not a big fan, this is a completely different story though ! It's a much fresher and sweeter grapefruit, the swizzle sticks must be contributing to the sweetness too !
  • Monster Strawberry Sugar Cookies - I smell mostly strawberry with the richness from the monster cookies.
  • Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs - Awesome bakery scent ! It's really sweet, I'm guessing from the ''fluff puffs'' which are probably marshmallows. I'm really liking their monster cookie scent, it smells good enough to eat !

  • Paradise and Pink Sugar - I don't know what paradise is exactly but it smells like a mix of orange and lemon,very citrusy. The pink sugar is not very noticeable even though it's the overpour
  • Blackberry Jam French Toast - I'm a huuuge fan of blackberry scents but I'm not sure about this combo. I smell some spice from the french toast but I don't think it's's a weird mix, I'll have to see when I melt it.
  • Pink and Blue Sugar Swizzle Sticks - I'm so happy I got this one ! I was hesitating whether getting a bag or not when I placed my order so I'm pretty stocked it ended up in my paws :) The blue sugar is definitely stronger than the pink one and again I can't really smell the swizzle sticks, I wonder what the scent smells like on its own !
  • Orange Sherbet and Pink Chiffon - I've never had pink chiffon before so I have no idea what it's suppose to smell like. I get the orange sherbet with a clean yet sweet note ? I don't know lol. It smells good !
  • Strawberry Peppermint Ice Cream - Peppermint being such an overpowering scent I don't really smell anything other than that except an added sweetness from both the strawberry and the ice cream. If it didn't say strawberry on the label I would've never known lol !
  • Snow White's Honeycrisp Apple - I don't like apple scents although this one is smellable (!) I don't think I would enjoy it very much so I'll be giving to someone who will !

Well that's it for my first order ! I am OVERLY impressed and can't wait to order again once they reopen :)

What's your favorite scent from my order ?

Laurence xoxo 

RAOK Wax Package from Janet

Hi ! 

A little while back I posted on What Smells So Good Facebook group that I would looove to be able to order from Candles From The Keeping Room because I was watching everyone get their orders in and sadly she doesn't ship to Canada. A lovely lady, Janet, kindly answered me saying she would be happy to send me some ! I mean how awesome is that ?! 
Along the way she asked me what vendors I hadn't tried and said she would be including some samples...and this is what I got !!! I mean that is definitely not ''some samples''. I was so surprised and touched ! 
I should've taken pictures of the unboxing because she packaged everything sooo well, lots of pink tissue paper, little gift bags and awesome pouches. I was too excited to wait though ! 

I can't do scent descriptions because I have a cold right now :( 

Onto what this wonderful lady sent me ! :

Cheryl's Candles and Gifts 
- Sensous Black Rose
- Neroli 
- Plum Crazee
- Alyssum
- Cassia
Shay's Scents
- Satin Linen Sheets 
- Sweet Lavender 
- Blue Sugar 
- Gumdrops 
Candles From The Keeping Room
- Ultimate Bear Claw 
- Long Island Pastry 
- Harvest Flapjack 
- Sugar Cookie Indian Bread
- Sugar Cookie Corn Pudding
Can-Do Candles
- Midsummer's Night
-Vanilla Amber

Crosscreek Country Candles
- Island Mango
- Pretty Petals
- Banana Colada Cake
Up The Creek Scents
Irish Spring
- Butterscotch Brulee
- Toasted Marshmallow 
- Monkey Farts
- Peppermint Vanilla Latte
- Blackberry Amber
Gracie Jo's Candles
- English Ivy
-Rockin The Stars
-Amazon Lillies
-Blueberry Zucchini Bread

Sassy Girl Aroma
- Creamy Pink Paradise

Sniff My Tarts
- Rootbeer Ice Cream Scoop Bread

I just wanna say thank you again Janet !! I hope to return the favor very soon :)

Laurence xoxo

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Granny's Kountry Candles Haul

Hi ! Today I have a haul from Granny's Kountry Candles. She had an AMAZING sale for Easter, you got 10 (TEN!!) free clamshells if you spent more than 25$, I mean how awesome is that ? I really liked my first order from her, everything threw well,lasted a super long time and she has a great variety of scents. My mom just loves her florals ! I was very excited about my order...but so bummed when I received it. You ask me why ? I would say about half of my order came like this :(     

I had to rewrap everything in my own foil...which doesn't hold any better so I ordered some cello bags off Ebay but I have yet to receive them.
 The GOOD news is Wendy (the owner) is changing her packaging to cello bags !! She contacted me and was so sorry about what happened, she's even going to send me some other tarts in the new packaging. I mean I would've never asked for that but it's so nice of her,it shows that she cares a lot about her customers ! 

Anyways, enough rambling on my part ! Onto what I got :

  • Butterfly Kisses - This is my favorite scent from GKC so I made sure I wouldn't run out anytime soon lol. It's very hard to describe, it's floral yet sweet at the same time, I even detect a bit of creaminess in there. It's just the perfect bedroom scent.

  • Tea Rose - This one is for my mom but I also enjoy it a lot lol ! A true rose scent, I don't think there's any tea in this but if there is it's very subtle. I don't really like floral scents but rose is one of the few I can tolerate.
  • Headache Relief - This one is very herbal but I have no idea what is in it ! All I know is that I've melted it before and it was very relaxing. 
  • Pink Sugar - This one is not your typical pink sugar scent, it's much creamier and richer. I like it a lot, it's a nice change from the usual !

  • French Lavender - Another one for my mother ! A super herbal lavender and sooo strong too ! This one is less my cup of tea though, I prefer sweet and comforting lavenders :)
  • Best Friends - I just can't get tired of this scent, especially with summer coming up ! Super fruity blend, I mostly smell strawberry though which is perfectly fine with me !
  • Birthday Cake - This smells more like vanilla and butter frosting than actual cake. It's good though and super strong on cold sniff

I won't do scent descriptions for these because I can't open them :(

Lemon Drop Cookie x2
Buttery Vanilla x3
Birthday Cake x2
Tickled Pink x2
French Lavender x2
Butterfly Kisses x2

Clothesline Fresh x2
Juicy Strawberry x2
Duck Farts
Cowgirl Up!
Lavender & Patchouli
Coconut Cream Pie 

Blonde Moment
Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Goofy Grape
Citrus Flip
Vanilla & Jasmine
Lemon & Lavender

Fruit Smoothie
Tangerine & Lemongrass
Love Sucks !
Lemongrass & Kiwi
Arkansas River

Honey Bunny
Stress Relief
Bees Knees
Sinus Relief
Coastal Breeze 
Strawberry Margarita 
Moonlight Path 

What scent from this order appeals to you the most ?

Laurence xoxo

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Haley's Heavenly Scents Haul

Hi ! Today I've received a box I was anxiously waiting for, I've heard nothing but awesome things about Haley's Heavenly Scents and the prices are just too good to be true. Janet, the owner is super sweet and very good at keeping everyone posted about what is going on. I knew it would be a while before I got my order because the site clearly stated the turnaround so this wasn't a big deal. I ordered on March 9 and got my order on April 30. It was SO worth the wait !

I won't do scent descriptions because she uses parrafin wax and it doesn't smell much on cold throw, I know it will be a totally different story when warmed though. Also I got all clamshells because for some reason I was on a clamshell craze a while back but with the wax being so hard it's kind of a hassle to get a cube out of there, I'm gonna get scent shots next time.

I haven't even melted anything yet and I'm already planning on ordering again..tomorrow when she reopens. I'll melt some tonight and if everything throws well I'm definitely getting some scent shots tomorrow. I know I'm supposed to be on a wax ban but there are still so many scents I want to try from her ! 

  • Grandmas Cake Batter Zucchini (clamshell)Everyone RAVES about Haley's Grandmas Zucchini, they even call it Crack Bread and omg it's true ! This smells so amazing even on cold throw. It's the best zucchini bread I've ever smelled and mixed with the cake batter it just doesn't get any better
  • Grandmas Mrs Claus Pink Noel (clamshell)
  • Birthday Cake (clamshell)
  • Pink Lemon Noel (clamshell)
  • Pink Cake Batter Ice Cream (clamshell)
  • Pink Marshmallow Madness (clamshell)
  • Strawberry Cream Cake (clamshell)
  • Pink Cotton Candy (clamshell)
  • Lavender Vanilla (clamshell)
  • Fruity Loops (free 6 pack)
  • Americana (free 6 pack)
  • Pink Noel (free scent shot)

What's your favorite scent from HHS ?

Laurence xoxo

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Weekly Empties

Hi ! This is actually 2 weeks worth of melting buuut it's only the empty stuff, can you believe how much I melted ? I'm quite proud of myself hehe

Front Porch - Sweet Dreams
This scent is sooo awesome. It's a blend of Pink Sugar,lavender and coconut cream. I could mostly smell lavender with a sugary touch. I just love it, so glad I have another 4 pack ! Strong throw and lasted about 6 hours

Front Porch - Lemon Marshmallow
The king of all lemon tarts in my opinion lol. Just a perfect lemon scent with gooey marshmallow. I will repurchase this over and over..and over. Strong throw and lasted about 6-7 hours

Front Porch - Sugar Mallow Cookies
Yummy ! I really like almost all of Front Porch's Cookies scent and this wasn't an exception. It was really sweet as you can expect from such a name but not the ''heavy'' type of sweet smell, like caramel can sometimes be. Medium throw and lasted about 5 hours.

Front Porch - Black Raspberry Marshmallow 
Oh goood ! I'm in love with this ! A very fruity and sharp raspberry toned down by the sweetness of marhsmallow. This was just heavenly, I wish I had another one :( Strong throw and lasted about 4 tealights (can you believe it ?!)

Front Porch - Wintery Candied Apple
I'm pretty sure I got this in a sampler because I HATE apple scents. But I'm trying to melt my stash so 2 days ago before going to bed I was looking for something to melt in my bedroom, going through my Front Porch singles and found that...I just thought at least if I don't like I'll be sleeping lol. I woke up to this very soothing and sweet scent, what a surprise lol ! Well, it actually doesn't really smell like apples, which is good. It's more of a soapy and comforting kind of scent. Medium throw and lasted about 8 hours.

Closet Full of Wax - Red Velvet Cake
A very buttery and sweet scent. It's different from your average Birthday Cake type scent which I like a lot too. Red Velvet is a lot creamier. I think there is supposed to be a chocolate note but I couldn't smell it at all while it was melting. Light-medium throw and lasted about 4-5 hours

Closet Full of Wax - Bubble Gum  (mini sample)
My first Bubble Gum tart, yay ! I'm not sure how much I liked it though, it's just a bit too artificial for me I think. I bet it would be great mixed with Cotton Candy or something. Light throw and lasted about 3 hours

Closet Full of Wax - Kiss and Tell 
Once again this smells a bit too artificial for my liking, it's very very fruity but you can't really detect any fruit in particular. Light-medium throw and lasted about 3 hours

Closet Full of Wax - Pink Sugar Frosted Cookies
I could not smell this at all :( The bag was ripped though so that might be why

Closet Full of Wax - Peeps (mini sample)
Marshmallow mixed with something else I can't remember lol. I've rarely encountered marshmallow scents that are strong on themselves and this was not an exception. Light throw and lasted about 2 hours

Closet Full of Wax - Pink Sugar 
Oh so good ! I don't think I could ever get tired of Pink Sugar. Hers is very true to the original perfume and I love that ! Strong throw and lasted about 3 tealights.

Closet Full of Wax - Vanilla Silk
A very nice scent for a bedroom, it's more of a background scent which I can still appreciate. If you went out of the room and came back you could definitely smell it though ! Lasted about 6 hours

Granny's Kountry Candles - Best Friends
I could smell the strawberry mixed with other tropical fruit, delish ! Medium throw and lasted about 6 hours

Granny's Kountry Candles - Island Mango
A very clean but fruity scent. I melted it in the bathroom and it was quite nice ! I could smell the mango. Strong throw and lasted about 3 tealights

Granny's Kountry Candles - Headache Relief
While I don't think this helped with my headaches it's still a nice herbal-spa scent ! Medium throw and lasted over 7 hours.

Granny's Kountry Candles - Big Girl Panties 
On cold sniff I smelled something fruity but when melting all I could smell was baby powder..weird. Strong throw and switched it out after 1 hour

Granny's Kountry Candles - Bedtime Bath
Well I put this in the warmer then fell asleep... I woke up and couldn't smell anything haha. 

Country Home Scent - Vanilla Love Dust
Ugh this was horrible ! Chocolate mixed with vanilla..awful lol.Chocolate scents just aren't for me. It was super strong and I poured it out after 1 hour

Country Home Scent - Snow Angels
Very nice and fruity. Smelled a bit like berries but I could be totally wrong lol. Medium throw and lasted about 4 hours

Orchid Lake Candles - Zesty Lemon Zucchini
Such a great scent !! Zucchini bread is really a hit or miss with me and this was definitely a hit ! Super creamy and mixed with the lemon it's just awesome. I never thought they could compliment each other so well ! Strong throw and lasted about 6 hours

Orchid Lake Candles -  Toasty Coconut 
Sooo good ! I just love coconut scents especially when they're ''toasted''. Medium throw and lasted about 4 hours

Orchid Lake Candles - Toasty Mallow Zucchini
My sample was so small that it didn't give off much scent..I'm sure if you had a regular tart it would be awesome though because it smelled really good and strong on cold sniff.

The Bathing Garden - The Masquerade
Clean and sweet, I feel this would be better in body products though ! Still enjoyed it but it's not a favorite. Medium-strong throw and lasted 3 tealights

Sugar & Spice Gourmet - Wildberry Mousse
Wildberry Mousse is far from being one of my favorite scent, I find it too generic and overly sweet. That being said this was a pretty good one ! Strong throw and lasted over 6 hours.

What's your favorite scent from my empties ??

Laurence xoxo

Monday, 22 April 2013

Retro Creams & Perfume Haul

Hi !

I have a little haul for you today, it's from an Etsy vendor named Retro Creams & Perfume. As you may have noticed it's not a tart haul, what a surprise ! Unfortunately for me, I'm not only into tarts but I also looove perfumes. I heard of this vendor on MakeupAlley, someone asked for affordable perfume rollerballs and a girl linked this site saying that there was a sale going on and that the perfumes were really good. Of course, I'm too curious so I had to see for myself...and here we are now haha.
This was really too good of a deal to pass up, 2.60$ for 15ml ! Also shipping to Canada was pretty reasonable, yay.
The owner is reeeally sweet and funny, she's also very active on her page which is always great 

Here's what I got : 

  • Vanilla Apricot - Fresh, fruity fragrance consisting of jackfruit, apricot and tropical papaya and ends with notes of sweet, sugary vanilla. 
  • Chergui Winds - Named for a dry and hot wind in Morocco, this creation is a magical journey of honey, musk, insense, tobacco leaf, hey sugar, amber, iris, rose and sandalwood.
  • Magic Potion - Magical aromatic blend of Japanese grapefruit and mandarin, full bodied middle notes of Georgia peach, purple plums, Valencia grapes, and soft rose petals; sitting on a wonderful base note of Nubian musk.
  • Tropical Sugar Kiss - Candy sweets mixed with fresh lemony zing - try not to love it! Hints of a sweet, tart lemon note mingled with hints of sugar, and ending on a hint of soft musk.
  • Liquid Crack - Sweet, intoxicating and sugary delight with a little naughtiness in it! (Lush Rockstar dupe)
  • Head Over Heels - Soft, feminine, light and airy sensual blend of Lemon Peel, Vanilla, Musk, Mandarin. 
  • Dark Kiss - A blend of - Mirabella Plum, Black Raspberry Amber, Peony, Vanilla Bean, Sensual Musk, Fresh Spun Cotton Candy
  • Sweet Pea Vanilla - Harmonious blend of ripe red berries, juicy bing cherries, floral sweet pea, and sweet creamy coconut drizzled with vanilla create the recipe for this decadent treat.

I'm in LOVE with almost all the scents. My favorites are Vanilla Apricot, Sweet Pea Vanilla and Tropical Sugar Kisses. I wore Liquid Crack yesterday and it lasted ALL day, I could still smell it on my wrist even after I took a shower. If you're looking for affordable perfumes that smell awesome and last a long time, look no further !

Laurence xoxo

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sugar and Spice Gourmet Haul

Hi !

I've got a new-to-me vendor haul today! It's from Sugar & Spice  I've heard nothing but great things about this company and their scent list is right up my alley, lots and lots of blends :) Turn around time was really quick, about 3-4 days I think and it took about a week to get here ! 

  • Fruit Loop Noel - This is so so good ! You can smell both the Fruit Loop and the Vanilla Bean Noel.I had never tried a Fruit Loop scent blended with anything else than marshmallow so I'm excited to melt it.
  • Peppermint Marshmallows - This is definitely stronger on the Peppermint but it is to be expected with Peppermint being such a strong scent and Marshmallow always being on the lighter hand. The Marshmallows just adds a creaminess.
  • Strawberry Milkshake - This seems to be the same Strawberry scent as Front Porch. I'm not the biggest fan of Front Porch's Strawberry but I've never tried it by itself. I do smell the Milkshake part in this, it's sweet and creamy
  • Pink Sands Type - I've never tried this scent (or any for that matter) from Yankee but I was really curious because it's being talked about a lot. I smell mostly Melon mixed with some other fruit. It smells good, very summery !

  • Red Velvet Ice Cream - So yummy ! This seems to be a much stronger Red Velvet cake than what I'm used to, mixed with the Ice Cream it's delicious.
  • Pink Lemon Slices - Aaah, match made in heaven ! You can smell both scents equally, just the way I like it !
  • Pink Frosted Sugar Cookies - I feel like I'm repeating myself, but I loooove this. I want ten more please.
  • Strawberry Tres Leche Cake - Hmm, is there coffee in a Tres Leche Cake ? I don't think so but here I smell a coffee note. It's kind of a weird mix but we'll have to see when I melt it.

  • Fruit Loop Fluff Cake - I'm on a Fruit Loop kick lately ! I was hesitating between this one and the Vanilla Bean Noel one but I thought I could never have too many Fruit Loops tarts lol. I don't really smell the Fluff Cake part though, hope it comes out when melting !
  • Raspberry Coconut Cream Cake - This smells sooo good. I don't really smell the Coconut but the Raspberry is awesome ! 
  • Lavender Sugar Cookie Dough Bread - I got this to see if it was the same as Front Porch's because I looove this scent from them. It's not because Sugar & Spice use an herbal lavender but the mix is so interesting though, bakery with floral. Can't wait to give this one a try !
  • Marshmallow Vanilla Butter Noel - Oh god, this is so delish ! These three scents blend so well together.

  • Pink Birthday Cake - I smell a little more Pink Sugar than Birthday Cake. It's more of a really creamy and sweet Pink Sugar
  • Strawberry White Cake - Oooh this smells just like my beloved Strawberry Shortcake from Closet Full of Wax, so excited !
  • Blackberry Marshmallow Fluff - Just like Blackberry Marshmallow from Front Porch ! A slightly perfumey Blackberry, just the way I like it :)
  • Pink Noel - I have to order this order from every vendor lol. This is such a classic and I don't think I could ever get tired of it !


  • Mystery tart - Four layers, four different scents. The top layer is Blackberry and the bottom layer is something sweet yet slightly spicy...I know what is it but can't remember the name !! 
  • Wildberry Mousse - I love me some berry scents ! Creamy and fruity
  • Blueberry Cookie Bites - I don't really smell the Cookie but the Blueberry is sooo good ! 
  • Honey Pear Cider - I'm guessing the cider part is Apple Cider... Pear and Apple, two scents I can't stand ! I'll put it in a swap or a RR where it'll be well loved 

I'm so so so excited about this order. Everything smells awesome, so awesome that I already want to place another order ! I can't though, I gotta stick to my wax ban. 

Have you ever tried Sugar & Spice ?

Laurence xoxo

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Weekly Melts

Hi !

I've melted quite a bit this week, more than usual even though I haven't been less busy lol ! I probably have more stuff because I dumped a few scents out.

Granny's Kountry Candles - Cucumber & Melon
I melted this in a light bulb type warmer (I have no idea what wattage it is) in my living room and it was so relaxing ! What a great way to decompress after a long day. Medium scent throw, had it on and off for about 3 days.

Granny's Kountry Candles - French Lavender 
This is without any doubt my mom's favorite scent ! I'm not a big fan since it's a very herbal lavender but hey if she's happy ! Strong throw, still going strong after 4 tealights.

Streetman Candle Company - Wossamotta U 
Definitely one of my favorite scent from Streetman ! It's supposed to be a mix of wildberry mousse,caramel and cream but I don't smell any caramel per say. It's more of a very creamy and sweet wildberry mousse. Strong scent throw and lasted over 8 hours.

Streetman Candle Company - 7-Up Pound Cake 
Even though I love lemon scents, I've just discovered I really don't like 7-Up scents lol, there's something too artificial about it, I don't know how to explain it..maybe it's the fizziness . Strong throw, switched out after 2 hours.

Ten Digit Creations - Caramel Crunch Cake 
I used to be all about these kinda scents a couple months back, now I find them overpowering and sickening. Very very sweet caramel mixed with very very sweet cake lol. Medium throw, changed after 3 hours.

Crosscreek Country Candles - Eat your Heart Out
I really like this ! Extremely artificial strawberry mixed with marshmallow. Strawberry is ALWAYS a winner in my book, realistic or not. It's melting right now and throw was crazy strong at the beginning but now after 3 hours it's starting to mellow out. I've haven't had much luck with Crosscreek but I still have a few to melt so we'll see if I reorder or not.

Orchid Lake Candles - Lemon Soufflé
Awesome ! Your standard lemon bakery,not much else to say except that I wish I had a shampoo in this scent lol. Strong throw and lasted about 6 hours. After my ban I'm definitely gonna order from there again, I've had nothing but excellent throw.

Nene's Kitchen Melts - Fantasy Fluff Cake 
This is supposed to be cherry,vanilla and marshmallow with hints of strawberry. I could only smell the cherry mixed with a cakey note and it reminded far too much of Serendipity for me to enjoy it. Luckily it had only light-medium throw and lasted about 4 hours.

Better Homes & Gardens - Tranquil Garden Spa 
Soooo relaxing ! Who would've known from such a name ! This was very strong considering I only had a cube, lasted about 6 hours. I wish I could get more of this.

Sniff My Tarts - Vanilla Butter Fudge Caramel 
Such an overly sweet smell !! I really disliked it. Somehow I could smell a very predominant coffee note and I loathe coffee scent. The caramel or vanilla did not help at all. Super strong and lasted about 4 hours but I can still smell it after 3 days even though I melted other stuff in that room,ugh.

CFTKR - Pumpkin Corn Pudding
Okay, those two scents just CAN'T go well together. They're already so heavy and intense on their own, mixed it's just a nightmare. Just sniffing the bag makes me feel sick...Strong throw and I dumped it out after 1 hour.

RoseGirls - Purple Cow and Vanilla Butter Fudge 
Love love love ! It's the first time I've tried a purple cow scent because I never thought a grape scent could be appealing but boy was I wrong ! Mixed with the vanilla butter fudge it's absolute perfection. It's going to be very hard not to break my ban once they reopen. Strong throw and it's still going after 2 tealights.

Closet Full of Wax - Strawberry Shortcake 
Do I really need to say more ? Love, although it doesn't smell as good when warmed which is a shame ! Medium scent throw and lasted about 3 hours.

Closet Full of Wax - Lemon Pound Cake Zucchini Bread
My first official dud from CFoW ! This is horrible !! I can't smell any lemon at all, it's like an unsweetened pound cake mixed with zucchini bread. It seriously smells like salted popcorn, ugh. I'm gonna try to swap it or something because I sure can't melt this again. Strong throw and I dumped it out after 10 minutes. Good thing though, I think Michele is getting different Lemon Pound Cake oil. 

Closet Full of Wax - Purple Sugar
This was awesome !! Even better than Front Porch's version. A perfect mix between Pink and Blue Sugar, ah this is such a soothing scent ! Strong throw and lasted over 1 day !!

Closet Full of Wax - Birthday Cake
Great cake smell ! You could smell the cake part just as much as the frosting. Really enjoyed it. Strong throw and lasted about 4 hours.

Is there a scent you can't stand at all?

Laurence xoxo 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Closet Full of Wax Haul #2

Hi everyone ! 

I haven't received any wax in a long time, so this little package was warmly welcomed into my home :)
I got mostly clamshells because well, I'm running out of space and they're easy to store lol !
I ordered on the 21th of March, it shipped on the 26th and I got it today 3rd of April 

Onto what I got :

  • Lemon Pound Cake Toasted Marshmallow - I have never tried her Lemon Pound Cake nor her Toasted Marshmallow but I thought you couldn't go work with those two scents ! For the moment I don't smell much Lemon at all, I just smell something sweet and slightly bakery but I'm sure the notes will come out when melted as this is mostly paraffin wax
  • Zucchini Bread Vanilla Bean Noel - I got a 2 pack in that scent in my last order and I really like it. I think she changed her Vanilla Bean Noel though so we'll see how this one does
  • Lemon Pound Cake Zucchini Bread - Same thing, the Lemon Pound Cake is not really present so I'll have to see when warmed !
  • Purple Sugar - This is a mix of Pink and Blue Sugar and I think it's so cute that she named it Purple Sugar lol ! I love love love this scent from FP so I thought I'd try it from another company and I love it just as much ! 

  • Pink Sugar Lemon Squares - I got this as a sample in my last order and I loooved it. That's what is so great about samples, you discover new loves ! It's not only great for the customer but also for the vendor because they might get another order just because of a little sample they threw in !
  • Fruit Loops Toasted Marshmallow - Her Fruit Loops is so awesome ! I don't really smell any Marshmallow yet but we'll see when it's melting.

  • Strawberry Shortcake - This scent is the only reason why I placed an order so soon after receiving my first one, it is heaven in a plastic container. I've already talked about in my previous haul 
  • Strawberry Shortcake Toasted Marshmallow - I don't smell much difference,maybe mellowed out a liiiittle but barely lol. Once again, it's hard to say on cold throw 

  • Vanilla Silk - Simple vanilla scent, not much to say except that I like it :)
  • Lemon Squares - Very good Lemon bakery scent. I'm thinking I maybe should've used this scent instead of Lemon Pound Cake in my clamshells but hey you win some you loose some !
  • Pink Sugar Frosted Cookies - Very good Pink Sugar and Cookie scent ! Can't wait to try it 


  • Bubble Gum - Being a sweet scent lover it's very strange that I haven't tried any Bubble Gum tarts !! I really like this, smells just like the real thing
  • Peeps - It's a little bunny,it's so cute I should have taken a picture. This is really sweet, I smell Marshmallow and Vanilla
  • Strawberry Daiquiri - So so good !! Very much a summer scent, will have to order this one
  • Buttercream Crunch - I smell a buttery caramel with some crust ! I have no idea what is in this but it smell divine !

I'm really happy with my order ! I'm hoping the Lemon Pound Cake will bloom when melted and if it does this order will be perfect. I'm really happy with the samples I got, the hearts are a good size,definitely big enough to see if I like the scent or not. I will reorder for sure in the future because well, great products and awesome customer service, what is there more to ask ?

What's your favorite scent from my order ?

Laurence xoxo 

Weekly Empties

Hi !

I decided to do ''empties'' posts as opposed to ''melted'' because this post would be 3 meters long !

I'm officially on a wax ban, I started on April 1st and everything is going well so far ! I still have 5 orders and a Round Robin coming in so if you see hauls, it doesn't mean I have failed lol :) 

Onto what I melted this week !

Melted in a 24w hot plate warmer unless otherwise stated.

Lasting Scent Candles - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lasting Scent Candles is a company I can't order from Canada, actually I could but she only ships Priority Mail,which means 53$+ for 25-50 tarts.It's just not worth it.The only LSC I had the chance to try was from swaps..and I'm pretty sure they weren't the best ones lol.
This one is simply horrible,it literally smells like chocolate Playdoh,ugh. It was very strong too but I couldn't stand it so I poured it out after 20 minutes. I have some other Chocolate scents in my stash I haven't tried yet, I'm hoping they don't all smell like this one.

Streetman Candle Company - Think Pink,Sugar
This is just Pink Sugar but I love that scent whether it's blended or not ! Not too much to say about it, it was pretty strong as are all Streetman tarts and lasted about 6 hours.

Front Porch - Strawberry Marshmallow Bread
People are raving about this scent on the group page,this is one of their best-sellers and it was pretty hard to get it because everytime it's added to the site its gone within minutes! I ordered a sampler and this was part of it, so I was pretty excited. It's definitely  not what I expected, the strawberry scent is barely there and it's not a good one.The mix with Zucchini Bread is really weird too.Throw was only medium and it lasted about 3 hours.

Country Home Scent - Pennies From Heaven
Spa like scent, I love those. I can't really pick out any notes but this was very relaxing and soothing. Medium throw and lasted about 4 hours.

Country Home Scent - Pumpkin Crunch Cake 
I still have 4 of these left and I don't want them to loose their scent so I went ahead and melted one even though it doesn't suit the weather at all !! At least it's not a spicy pumpkin,I can smell caramel and some cake notes in it. Light-medium throw and lasted 4 hours.

Country Home Scent - Snuggle Baby 
I can't remember what was in this one. I'm thinking Pink Sugar and Baby Powder..but it doesn't smell like Baby Powder so I have no idea lol ! Anyways, this was very good, another relaxing scent. Medium throw and lasted 6 hours.

Country Home Scent - Purple Passion
Such a great scent ,very summery ! I could smell strawberries and mango mixed with something else. Medium throw and lasted about 3 hours

RoseGirls - Cranberry Marmalade Mallow
Oooh this was so so good ! I've had this for a while but never felt like melting it because Cranberry to me is more of a holiday scent. But this one  I would melt year around ! A sweet cranberry mixed with awesome marshmallow. Strong throw and lasted over 6 hours

Granny's Kountry Candles - Cowgirl Up!
For some reason I got a powdery note from this even though it's only supposed to have berries in it. I melted it in a tealight warmer and scent throw was medium and lasted 4 hours.

Closet Full of Wax - Lavender Serendipity 
Ugh, I should've saved this for someone who would've enjoyed it ! I just can't stand Serendipity AT ALL. It makes me sick... I could barely smell any Lavender in this. Melted it in a tealight warmer and throw was crazy strong..but I poured it out after 30 minutes.

Ten Digits Creations -  Forbidden Elixir 
Very very earthy scent. I did not enjoy this at all, all I can smell is patchouli mixed with some flowers. Melted in a tealight warmer, light scent throw and lasted about 4 hours.

What's your favorite scent from my empties ?

Laurence xoxo