Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sugar and Spice Gourmet Haul

Hi !

I've got a new-to-me vendor haul today! It's from Sugar & Spice  I've heard nothing but great things about this company and their scent list is right up my alley, lots and lots of blends :) Turn around time was really quick, about 3-4 days I think and it took about a week to get here ! 

  • Fruit Loop Noel - This is so so good ! You can smell both the Fruit Loop and the Vanilla Bean Noel.I had never tried a Fruit Loop scent blended with anything else than marshmallow so I'm excited to melt it.
  • Peppermint Marshmallows - This is definitely stronger on the Peppermint but it is to be expected with Peppermint being such a strong scent and Marshmallow always being on the lighter hand. The Marshmallows just adds a creaminess.
  • Strawberry Milkshake - This seems to be the same Strawberry scent as Front Porch. I'm not the biggest fan of Front Porch's Strawberry but I've never tried it by itself. I do smell the Milkshake part in this, it's sweet and creamy
  • Pink Sands Type - I've never tried this scent (or any for that matter) from Yankee but I was really curious because it's being talked about a lot. I smell mostly Melon mixed with some other fruit. It smells good, very summery !

  • Red Velvet Ice Cream - So yummy ! This seems to be a much stronger Red Velvet cake than what I'm used to, mixed with the Ice Cream it's delicious.
  • Pink Lemon Slices - Aaah, match made in heaven ! You can smell both scents equally, just the way I like it !
  • Pink Frosted Sugar Cookies - I feel like I'm repeating myself, but I loooove this. I want ten more please.
  • Strawberry Tres Leche Cake - Hmm, is there coffee in a Tres Leche Cake ? I don't think so but here I smell a coffee note. It's kind of a weird mix but we'll have to see when I melt it.

  • Fruit Loop Fluff Cake - I'm on a Fruit Loop kick lately ! I was hesitating between this one and the Vanilla Bean Noel one but I thought I could never have too many Fruit Loops tarts lol. I don't really smell the Fluff Cake part though, hope it comes out when melting !
  • Raspberry Coconut Cream Cake - This smells sooo good. I don't really smell the Coconut but the Raspberry is awesome ! 
  • Lavender Sugar Cookie Dough Bread - I got this to see if it was the same as Front Porch's because I looove this scent from them. It's not because Sugar & Spice use an herbal lavender but the mix is so interesting though, bakery with floral. Can't wait to give this one a try !
  • Marshmallow Vanilla Butter Noel - Oh god, this is so delish ! These three scents blend so well together.

  • Pink Birthday Cake - I smell a little more Pink Sugar than Birthday Cake. It's more of a really creamy and sweet Pink Sugar
  • Strawberry White Cake - Oooh this smells just like my beloved Strawberry Shortcake from Closet Full of Wax, so excited !
  • Blackberry Marshmallow Fluff - Just like Blackberry Marshmallow from Front Porch ! A slightly perfumey Blackberry, just the way I like it :)
  • Pink Noel - I have to order this order from every vendor lol. This is such a classic and I don't think I could ever get tired of it !


  • Mystery tart - Four layers, four different scents. The top layer is Blackberry and the bottom layer is something sweet yet slightly spicy...I know what is it but can't remember the name !! 
  • Wildberry Mousse - I love me some berry scents ! Creamy and fruity
  • Blueberry Cookie Bites - I don't really smell the Cookie but the Blueberry is sooo good ! 
  • Honey Pear Cider - I'm guessing the cider part is Apple Cider... Pear and Apple, two scents I can't stand ! I'll put it in a swap or a RR where it'll be well loved 

I'm so so so excited about this order. Everything smells awesome, so awesome that I already want to place another order ! I can't though, I gotta stick to my wax ban. 

Have you ever tried Sugar & Spice ?

Laurence xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. And they also smell really good ;) !

  2. So glad you got to try S&S, she has such an amazing, fragrant, room-filling product. Also, raspberry coconut cream cake is AMAAAAAZING,so are her pink and marshmallow blends. I hope you enjoy everything! She's rising on my list of favorites. :)

    1. I can't wait to start melting them ! I don't know which one to melt first though, they're all so yummy !!

  3. You got some great scents! Good to know her lavender is herbal!

  4. Awesome haul!! I love Sugar and Spice, I'm glad to see her becoming more popular because her stuff really is awesome! Enjoy all your new goodies =)

  5. How much was shipping to Canada?