Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Weekly Melts

Hi !

I've melted quite a bit this week, more than usual even though I haven't been less busy lol ! I probably have more stuff because I dumped a few scents out.

Granny's Kountry Candles - Cucumber & Melon
I melted this in a light bulb type warmer (I have no idea what wattage it is) in my living room and it was so relaxing ! What a great way to decompress after a long day. Medium scent throw, had it on and off for about 3 days.

Granny's Kountry Candles - French Lavender 
This is without any doubt my mom's favorite scent ! I'm not a big fan since it's a very herbal lavender but hey if she's happy ! Strong throw, still going strong after 4 tealights.

Streetman Candle Company - Wossamotta U 
Definitely one of my favorite scent from Streetman ! It's supposed to be a mix of wildberry mousse,caramel and cream but I don't smell any caramel per say. It's more of a very creamy and sweet wildberry mousse. Strong scent throw and lasted over 8 hours.

Streetman Candle Company - 7-Up Pound Cake 
Even though I love lemon scents, I've just discovered I really don't like 7-Up scents lol, there's something too artificial about it, I don't know how to explain it..maybe it's the fizziness . Strong throw, switched out after 2 hours.

Ten Digit Creations - Caramel Crunch Cake 
I used to be all about these kinda scents a couple months back, now I find them overpowering and sickening. Very very sweet caramel mixed with very very sweet cake lol. Medium throw, changed after 3 hours.

Crosscreek Country Candles - Eat your Heart Out
I really like this ! Extremely artificial strawberry mixed with marshmallow. Strawberry is ALWAYS a winner in my book, realistic or not. It's melting right now and throw was crazy strong at the beginning but now after 3 hours it's starting to mellow out. I've haven't had much luck with Crosscreek but I still have a few to melt so we'll see if I reorder or not.

Orchid Lake Candles - Lemon Soufflé
Awesome ! Your standard lemon bakery,not much else to say except that I wish I had a shampoo in this scent lol. Strong throw and lasted about 6 hours. After my ban I'm definitely gonna order from there again, I've had nothing but excellent throw.

Nene's Kitchen Melts - Fantasy Fluff Cake 
This is supposed to be cherry,vanilla and marshmallow with hints of strawberry. I could only smell the cherry mixed with a cakey note and it reminded far too much of Serendipity for me to enjoy it. Luckily it had only light-medium throw and lasted about 4 hours.

Better Homes & Gardens - Tranquil Garden Spa 
Soooo relaxing ! Who would've known from such a name ! This was very strong considering I only had a cube, lasted about 6 hours. I wish I could get more of this.

Sniff My Tarts - Vanilla Butter Fudge Caramel 
Such an overly sweet smell !! I really disliked it. Somehow I could smell a very predominant coffee note and I loathe coffee scent. The caramel or vanilla did not help at all. Super strong and lasted about 4 hours but I can still smell it after 3 days even though I melted other stuff in that room,ugh.

CFTKR - Pumpkin Corn Pudding
Okay, those two scents just CAN'T go well together. They're already so heavy and intense on their own, mixed it's just a nightmare. Just sniffing the bag makes me feel sick...Strong throw and I dumped it out after 1 hour.

RoseGirls - Purple Cow and Vanilla Butter Fudge 
Love love love ! It's the first time I've tried a purple cow scent because I never thought a grape scent could be appealing but boy was I wrong ! Mixed with the vanilla butter fudge it's absolute perfection. It's going to be very hard not to break my ban once they reopen. Strong throw and it's still going after 2 tealights.

Closet Full of Wax - Strawberry Shortcake 
Do I really need to say more ? Love, although it doesn't smell as good when warmed which is a shame ! Medium scent throw and lasted about 3 hours.

Closet Full of Wax - Lemon Pound Cake Zucchini Bread
My first official dud from CFoW ! This is horrible !! I can't smell any lemon at all, it's like an unsweetened pound cake mixed with zucchini bread. It seriously smells like salted popcorn, ugh. I'm gonna try to swap it or something because I sure can't melt this again. Strong throw and I dumped it out after 10 minutes. Good thing though, I think Michele is getting different Lemon Pound Cake oil. 

Closet Full of Wax - Purple Sugar
This was awesome !! Even better than Front Porch's version. A perfect mix between Pink and Blue Sugar, ah this is such a soothing scent ! Strong throw and lasted over 1 day !!

Closet Full of Wax - Birthday Cake
Great cake smell ! You could smell the cake part just as much as the frosting. Really enjoyed it. Strong throw and lasted about 4 hours.

Is there a scent you can't stand at all?

Laurence xoxo 


  1. A scent I can't stand at all ... zucchini bread! I'm also not fond of sandalwood and most florals.


    1. I rarely see you post about Pink Sugar or Vanilla Bean Noel scents, do you like those ??

  2. Agreed with Deb, zucchini blends are yuck for me, too. Too moist and apparently tortilla chippy (great way to describe it). I also don't like corn pudding scents.

    Rosegirls make a brilliant purple cow scent, and I'm usually not a fan of grape in food or wax. I tolerate it, but damn...they have amazing purple cow! Also, Wossamotta U is great, too! It's so creamy and a great blend of scents! Awesome melts, Laurence! :)

  3. I don't like praline, chocolate and most zucchini either