Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Closet Full of Wax Haul #2

Hi everyone ! 

I haven't received any wax in a long time, so this little package was warmly welcomed into my home :)
I got mostly clamshells because well, I'm running out of space and they're easy to store lol !
I ordered on the 21th of March, it shipped on the 26th and I got it today 3rd of April 

Onto what I got :

  • Lemon Pound Cake Toasted Marshmallow - I have never tried her Lemon Pound Cake nor her Toasted Marshmallow but I thought you couldn't go work with those two scents ! For the moment I don't smell much Lemon at all, I just smell something sweet and slightly bakery but I'm sure the notes will come out when melted as this is mostly paraffin wax
  • Zucchini Bread Vanilla Bean Noel - I got a 2 pack in that scent in my last order and I really like it. I think she changed her Vanilla Bean Noel though so we'll see how this one does
  • Lemon Pound Cake Zucchini Bread - Same thing, the Lemon Pound Cake is not really present so I'll have to see when warmed !
  • Purple Sugar - This is a mix of Pink and Blue Sugar and I think it's so cute that she named it Purple Sugar lol ! I love love love this scent from FP so I thought I'd try it from another company and I love it just as much ! 

  • Pink Sugar Lemon Squares - I got this as a sample in my last order and I loooved it. That's what is so great about samples, you discover new loves ! It's not only great for the customer but also for the vendor because they might get another order just because of a little sample they threw in !
  • Fruit Loops Toasted Marshmallow - Her Fruit Loops is so awesome ! I don't really smell any Marshmallow yet but we'll see when it's melting.

  • Strawberry Shortcake - This scent is the only reason why I placed an order so soon after receiving my first one, it is heaven in a plastic container. I've already talked about in my previous haul 
  • Strawberry Shortcake Toasted Marshmallow - I don't smell much difference,maybe mellowed out a liiiittle but barely lol. Once again, it's hard to say on cold throw 

  • Vanilla Silk - Simple vanilla scent, not much to say except that I like it :)
  • Lemon Squares - Very good Lemon bakery scent. I'm thinking I maybe should've used this scent instead of Lemon Pound Cake in my clamshells but hey you win some you loose some !
  • Pink Sugar Frosted Cookies - Very good Pink Sugar and Cookie scent ! Can't wait to try it 


  • Bubble Gum - Being a sweet scent lover it's very strange that I haven't tried any Bubble Gum tarts !! I really like this, smells just like the real thing
  • Peeps - It's a little bunny,it's so cute I should have taken a picture. This is really sweet, I smell Marshmallow and Vanilla
  • Strawberry Daiquiri - So so good !! Very much a summer scent, will have to order this one
  • Buttercream Crunch - I smell a buttery caramel with some crust ! I have no idea what is in this but it smell divine !

I'm really happy with my order ! I'm hoping the Lemon Pound Cake will bloom when melted and if it does this order will be perfect. I'm really happy with the samples I got, the hearts are a good size,definitely big enough to see if I like the scent or not. I will reorder for sure in the future because well, great products and awesome customer service, what is there more to ask ?

What's your favorite scent from my order ?

Laurence xoxo 


  1. I just got my CFOW order yesterday too! I got two Lemon Squares as well. I need to try this Strawberry Shortcake;)

    1. $.75 for two tarts is too good of a deal to pass up lol ! And yes, you NEED to try Strawberry Shortcake, it's that good !

  2. Lemon Squares and Buttercream Crunch are the two that catch my eye from this order. I've been on a lemon kick for a while now but I think it's winding down, sort of overdid it.


    1. I don't think I could ever get tired of Lemon scents lol, but I do try and rotate with other scents as well :)