Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Weekly Empties

Hi !

I decided to do ''empties'' posts as opposed to ''melted'' because this post would be 3 meters long !

I'm officially on a wax ban, I started on April 1st and everything is going well so far ! I still have 5 orders and a Round Robin coming in so if you see hauls, it doesn't mean I have failed lol :) 

Onto what I melted this week !

Melted in a 24w hot plate warmer unless otherwise stated.

Lasting Scent Candles - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lasting Scent Candles is a company I can't order from Canada, actually I could but she only ships Priority Mail,which means 53$+ for 25-50 tarts.It's just not worth it.The only LSC I had the chance to try was from swaps..and I'm pretty sure they weren't the best ones lol.
This one is simply horrible,it literally smells like chocolate Playdoh,ugh. It was very strong too but I couldn't stand it so I poured it out after 20 minutes. I have some other Chocolate scents in my stash I haven't tried yet, I'm hoping they don't all smell like this one.

Streetman Candle Company - Think Pink,Sugar
This is just Pink Sugar but I love that scent whether it's blended or not ! Not too much to say about it, it was pretty strong as are all Streetman tarts and lasted about 6 hours.

Front Porch - Strawberry Marshmallow Bread
People are raving about this scent on the group page,this is one of their best-sellers and it was pretty hard to get it because everytime it's added to the site its gone within minutes! I ordered a sampler and this was part of it, so I was pretty excited. It's definitely  not what I expected, the strawberry scent is barely there and it's not a good one.The mix with Zucchini Bread is really weird too.Throw was only medium and it lasted about 3 hours.

Country Home Scent - Pennies From Heaven
Spa like scent, I love those. I can't really pick out any notes but this was very relaxing and soothing. Medium throw and lasted about 4 hours.

Country Home Scent - Pumpkin Crunch Cake 
I still have 4 of these left and I don't want them to loose their scent so I went ahead and melted one even though it doesn't suit the weather at all !! At least it's not a spicy pumpkin,I can smell caramel and some cake notes in it. Light-medium throw and lasted 4 hours.

Country Home Scent - Snuggle Baby 
I can't remember what was in this one. I'm thinking Pink Sugar and Baby Powder..but it doesn't smell like Baby Powder so I have no idea lol ! Anyways, this was very good, another relaxing scent. Medium throw and lasted 6 hours.

Country Home Scent - Purple Passion
Such a great scent ,very summery ! I could smell strawberries and mango mixed with something else. Medium throw and lasted about 3 hours

RoseGirls - Cranberry Marmalade Mallow
Oooh this was so so good ! I've had this for a while but never felt like melting it because Cranberry to me is more of a holiday scent. But this one  I would melt year around ! A sweet cranberry mixed with awesome marshmallow. Strong throw and lasted over 6 hours

Granny's Kountry Candles - Cowgirl Up!
For some reason I got a powdery note from this even though it's only supposed to have berries in it. I melted it in a tealight warmer and scent throw was medium and lasted 4 hours.

Closet Full of Wax - Lavender Serendipity 
Ugh, I should've saved this for someone who would've enjoyed it ! I just can't stand Serendipity AT ALL. It makes me sick... I could barely smell any Lavender in this. Melted it in a tealight warmer and throw was crazy strong..but I poured it out after 30 minutes.

Ten Digits Creations -  Forbidden Elixir 
Very very earthy scent. I did not enjoy this at all, all I can smell is patchouli mixed with some flowers. Melted in a tealight warmer, light scent throw and lasted about 4 hours.

What's your favorite scent from my empties ?

Laurence xoxo

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