Wednesday, 29 May 2013

RoseGirls Haul

Hi !

This is my first ever order from RoseGirls, how exciting is that ! I had tried a couple chunks I got in destashes and Round Robins and was really impressed so of course I had to have my own little collection ! I ordered on March 17th and was one of the last to get my order in, which meant 1 month and a half of TAT. It was all worth it though! Having only tried a couple things I didn't really know what I liked from them and didn't want to commit to full bags so I only got a sampler ! Shipping to Canada was $26 because it was almost 4lbs !

Onto what I got : 

  • Cherry Berry Punch Smoothie - I am usually not a fan of cherry scents, what am I saying..I HATE cherry scents lol, Serendipity and the like..but this is actually quite good ! It doesn't smell like a fake cherry, the punch note is definitely the strongest and the smoothie (marshmallow) makes everything more creamy !
  • Strawberry Monkey Business - I can't do banana either lol, this smells a looot better than the usual banana scents, I can smell the strawberry and I would say it's a pretty good mix of the two ! I still don't like it enough and would hate to waste it so I'll be passing it along to someone else :)
  • Raspberry Key Lime Pie - Love love LOVE ! First off, I think RG's Raspberry scent is the BEST I've ever smelled, wow it's rich and juicy ! I can smell both the lime and the pie part but the Raspberry is the dominant note here
  • Tropical Passion - Well, I have no idea what is in this one...all I can really smell is pineapple and maybe a hint of coconut ? I'm sure there is more than that though !
  • Marshmallow Smoothie Noel - Marshmallow and Vanilla Bean Noel ? Um yes please ! I can smell the marshmallow very well which is pretty rare considering it's usually a light scent ! Yummy. 
  • Pear Buttercream Frosting - Pear is another scent I can't stand lol ! This one is not as bad though, the buttercream definitely mellows out the pear ! I won't be keeping this one.

  • Berrylicious Pancake Batter - I don't know what kind of berries are in this one but it doesn't smell like it's your typical Wildberry Mousse type of scent. It smells more like blueberry but not quite exactly lol ! I can definitely smell the pancake part, it's syrupy and very sweet. Not sure how I feel about it, not my favorite but I'll give it a try !
  • Pomegranate and Strawberries and Cream - Sooo good ! I'm a sucker for strawberry scents so right there they had me lol ! The pomegranate adds a tartness but it's not overly done. Just perfect.
  • Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream - Oddly enough I don't smell any raspberry in this at all. The coconut is really strong and yummy though. I don't really smell the ice cream part either !
  • Pink Swizzle Sticks - Pink Sugar is always a winner in my book, I know a lot of people who don't like it but I just can't get enough ! The swizzle sticks just makes everything sweeter which is perfect to me !
  • Follow The Yellow Brick Road - Again, I have no clue what's in this one ! It smells like artificial strawberries..and maybe raspberries too ? I can't figure out what the overpour is..
  • Fairy Woods - I already had a chunk in this one and I loooved it so I was very happy when I saw it was in my sampler ! It's Pink Sugar and Twilight in The Woods and it's to die for !

  • Circus Concession - I know this is supposed to be a blend of Caramel Apple, Funnel Cake and Cotton Candy but all I smell is Caramel Apple, there may a cakey note but it's very faint. I will be passing this one along too, and it's really sad because it's the biggest chunk of the sampler :( 
  • Strawberry Shortcake Cuppa Cake - Strawberry Shortcaaake <3 ! The best scent in the whole wide world ! I don't really smell the cuppa cake but that's probably because all I wanna smell is the Strawberry Shortcake lol ! It's such a small chunk I wish I would've gotten a large pie in it ! 
  • Watermelon Lime Margarita - Very good and summery ! Makes me want to be by the poolside. I can smell all the notes but it may be a tad stronger on the lime.
  • Grapefruit Swizzle Sticks - This smells soooo good ! The only other grapefruit scent I tried was from Front Porch and I was not a big fan, this is a completely different story though ! It's a much fresher and sweeter grapefruit, the swizzle sticks must be contributing to the sweetness too !
  • Monster Strawberry Sugar Cookies - I smell mostly strawberry with the richness from the monster cookies.
  • Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs - Awesome bakery scent ! It's really sweet, I'm guessing from the ''fluff puffs'' which are probably marshmallows. I'm really liking their monster cookie scent, it smells good enough to eat !

  • Paradise and Pink Sugar - I don't know what paradise is exactly but it smells like a mix of orange and lemon,very citrusy. The pink sugar is not very noticeable even though it's the overpour
  • Blackberry Jam French Toast - I'm a huuuge fan of blackberry scents but I'm not sure about this combo. I smell some spice from the french toast but I don't think it's's a weird mix, I'll have to see when I melt it.
  • Pink and Blue Sugar Swizzle Sticks - I'm so happy I got this one ! I was hesitating whether getting a bag or not when I placed my order so I'm pretty stocked it ended up in my paws :) The blue sugar is definitely stronger than the pink one and again I can't really smell the swizzle sticks, I wonder what the scent smells like on its own !
  • Orange Sherbet and Pink Chiffon - I've never had pink chiffon before so I have no idea what it's suppose to smell like. I get the orange sherbet with a clean yet sweet note ? I don't know lol. It smells good !
  • Strawberry Peppermint Ice Cream - Peppermint being such an overpowering scent I don't really smell anything other than that except an added sweetness from both the strawberry and the ice cream. If it didn't say strawberry on the label I would've never known lol !
  • Snow White's Honeycrisp Apple - I don't like apple scents although this one is smellable (!) I don't think I would enjoy it very much so I'll be giving to someone who will !

Well that's it for my first order ! I am OVERLY impressed and can't wait to order again once they reopen :)

What's your favorite scent from my order ?

Laurence xoxo 


  1. Oh this is awesome!!! My favorite scent from your order is anything with swizzle sticks!! Damn, I'm probably going to succumb and order a sampler. Hope you enjoy all your new scents!! :D

    1. I hope you do !! I can't wait to hear what you think about them, even though I'm pretty sure you're gonna LOVE everything <3 !

  2. Wow wow wow, what an awesome sampler! We have such opposite tastes, I love cherry, pear and banana scents lol. Even though you didn't care for them much, I can tell from your descriptions that I am going to love those scents! OMG Pomegranate and Strawberries and Cream sounds amazing!! I hope they have some pomegranate scents in their regular line up for the June/July opening =)

    1. You have to get some Pomegranate blends, it's AMAZING !

  3. what a great haul! you should do a wax collection, i would love to see how you store your wax. I saw on previous comments that you have to pay some fees to the ups man with granny's, did you have to with rose girls??

    1. I really don't have that much wax but I could do one, it could be fun :) And no I didn't have to pay any fees since it was shipped via USPS, yay !

  4. do you post youtube videos? it would be amazing if you did

    1. Aw no I don't ! I have a thick french accent and I'm too self conscious about it lol !!

  5. Marshmallow Smoothie Noel sounds AMAZING! :)