Wednesday, 29 May 2013

RAOK Wax Package from Janet

Hi ! 

A little while back I posted on What Smells So Good Facebook group that I would looove to be able to order from Candles From The Keeping Room because I was watching everyone get their orders in and sadly she doesn't ship to Canada. A lovely lady, Janet, kindly answered me saying she would be happy to send me some ! I mean how awesome is that ?! 
Along the way she asked me what vendors I hadn't tried and said she would be including some samples...and this is what I got !!! I mean that is definitely not ''some samples''. I was so surprised and touched ! 
I should've taken pictures of the unboxing because she packaged everything sooo well, lots of pink tissue paper, little gift bags and awesome pouches. I was too excited to wait though ! 

I can't do scent descriptions because I have a cold right now :( 

Onto what this wonderful lady sent me ! :

Cheryl's Candles and Gifts 
- Sensous Black Rose
- Neroli 
- Plum Crazee
- Alyssum
- Cassia
Shay's Scents
- Satin Linen Sheets 
- Sweet Lavender 
- Blue Sugar 
- Gumdrops 
Candles From The Keeping Room
- Ultimate Bear Claw 
- Long Island Pastry 
- Harvest Flapjack 
- Sugar Cookie Indian Bread
- Sugar Cookie Corn Pudding
Can-Do Candles
- Midsummer's Night
-Vanilla Amber

Crosscreek Country Candles
- Island Mango
- Pretty Petals
- Banana Colada Cake
Up The Creek Scents
Irish Spring
- Butterscotch Brulee
- Toasted Marshmallow 
- Monkey Farts
- Peppermint Vanilla Latte
- Blackberry Amber
Gracie Jo's Candles
- English Ivy
-Rockin The Stars
-Amazon Lillies
-Blueberry Zucchini Bread

Sassy Girl Aroma
- Creamy Pink Paradise

Sniff My Tarts
- Rootbeer Ice Cream Scoop Bread

I just wanna say thank you again Janet !! I hope to return the favor very soon :)

Laurence xoxo


  1. Janet is just a love..was so nice of her..have fun with all your wax..CFTKR-Carol

  2. Very nice gift, it was so thoughtful of her to send you some CFTKR (and other goodies!!)! :)