Monday, 14 January 2013

Front Porch Haul #3

Hi ! 

Like I told you in my last Front Porch haul, I placed a couple orders before the prices changed. I thought it was going to be harder not to order from them but since it's always the same scents getting restocked over and over,I find it pretty easy. For the moment I think I've tried pretty much everything that could interest me. I still have 2 samplers and a couple 4-packs on the way and after that I'm done, at least until they offer more spring scents. 

I got :

4 packs

  • Bird of Paradise -  This actually smells really similar to GKC Best Friends I just reviewed but way stronger. I can't really smell the coconut but the strawberry,tropical fruit and vanilla are very present !
  • Cotton Candy Cookies - Well this is an awesome scent ! Pure sugary cotton candy mixed with delicious cookies. The cookie part is the predominant scent though.
  • Honey Almond - I love me some almond scents ! This is just so calm and relaxing, I can't wait to melt this
  • Smoochin By The Fire : I really don't know what had gotten into me when I ordered this because I should've known I wouldn't like. I don't smell marshmallow or brown sugar at all, I only smell a really unpleasant woodsy scent. Maybe when I'll melt it the sweet part will come out ? I don't even think I'm gonna risk it, I'll probably just include it in an upcoming giveaway ;)

Pink Sugar Sampler

  • Pink Sugar - This is just so true to the original perfume ! I actually bought it last week
  • Pink Cookies - Yummy, yummy, yummy ! I just love her cookie scents ! I mostly smell the pink sugar
  • Pink Serendipity - I'm not a huge fan of serendipity but mixed with the pink sugar it's a bit better.
  • Pink Cupcakes -  On cold sniff I only detect the pink sugar with a faint bakery note, let's hope it blooms when warmed !
  • Pink Noel : Best of both worlds ! You can smell the vanilla bean noel and the pink sugar pretty equally and it's a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I love it, will definitely get a 4-pack if I ever see it on the site
  • Pink Jasmine - Well talk about a floral scent, this is floral de chez floral ! The jasmine is sooo strong, I don't smell any pink sugar at all. I'll try to give this one to mom as I don't think I could melt it without getting a headache
  • Pink Peppermint - I have another single of this one I haven't melted yet because I just don't like minty scents.
  • Pink Flips : Mostly pink sugar and vanilla with a tropical note underlying


  • Celtic Moonspice -This scent is being talked about sooo much on the Front Porch group page, I just had to try it even though I'm not the biggest fan of cinnamon and such. This is just straight cinnamon to me, not the bakery kind, just sweet cinnamon. It actually reminds me a lot of these little red hearts candies that are so popular around Valentine ,
  • Snuggling Under the Stars - This smells sweet but a little musky at the same time. There's a lot going in there so I can't really pick out one scent. Not sure how I feel about it, will have to see when I melt it !
  • Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - So relaxing ! I really like it, smells like a milky honey.
  • Blue Sugar -  I was so curious about that scent, I just had to try it. It is supposed to be the male version of Pink Sugar. I can definitely see that. It's a really masculine scent and I really don't like it lol
  • Pink and Blue Sugar - I still don't like it even with the pink sugar, the blue sugar is definitely the note in it
  • Amish Friendship Bread - Just smells like zucchini bread which I really really don't like ! I just don't get how someone could want their house to smell like that. It's kind of salty, nothing sweet about that scent

What scents from Front Porch would you like to try ?

Laurence xoxo


  1. I don't like zucchini bread scents either. She said right in the Facebook group that her Amish Friendship Bread IS her zucchini bread scent. Why?? I don't understand that, especially since so many other vendors' Amish Friendship Bread is apparently quite different.

    I'm frustrated about the same old scents being restocked too. I don't even check the Facebook group anymore because it's just the same people gushing about the same scents, and that's the only thing that gets any attention. Why ask for scents to add if you're not going to add anything new anyway?

    I'm back to all-around frustrated with Front Porch. Maybe that will change when I start melting the tarts I got in my large post-holiday order.


  2. I agree with both you and's the same 4-7 recycled scents over and over and over being added, with the occasional new scent here and there. I don't check the group, don't check my email like I used to, and I talk myself out of buying every single time I go on the site. The size difference ALONE in the freebie pack is enough to be glad I stocked up before the price increase. People apparently look like jerks for saying critiques or this and that about vendors, but I don't care sucks that she decreased her sizes, took away the "pick your freebie" option AND raised her prices. If that seems selfish, oh well. I'm sure it is worse for people internationally!

    On that note, are there are a many other vendors out there who ship internationally, right?

    It's good to know there are people who don't like zucchini bread scents, I'm not a fan either. They are clearly different according to most other vendors, why make them the same??

    I'll melt what I got but don't see an order on my horizon in the near future. You sure got some good ones, though, Honey Almond is amazing. :)

  3. I completely agree with all the sentiments about Front Porch from Lauren and Deb. She now isn't doing the free pack anymore and is doing a 10% off code instead which I'm not sure is better or worse. I don't think it's about being ungrateful about the freebies but rather upset with changing a system that seemed to be working so well.

    Another thing that irks me about FP is that she is now doing all these random shapes/bark/scoopable wax but only doing them in the few same recycled scents. I just got in a Front Porch order and it will probably be my last for quite some time. I feel like I need to just move onto other vendors at this point.