Thursday, 10 January 2013

Country Home Scents Last Haul

Hi !

So as most of you probably know, Country Home Scent are closed. I was lucky to be one of the first to see the post on their page, so when I went on the website, almost all the scents were still available.
 They had sampler packs on sale and I chose the 25 tarts for $20, I think it was called the Stock-Up Sampler. I got mostly scents I hadn't tried because it was my last chance to try them lol ! I still have a lot left from previous orders so I have most of their scents in my possession,yay ! 

Since the store is now closed, the scent descriptions are no where to be found. I started to do cold scent descriptions but then realized it was pretty useless because you can't order anymore

Here's what I got :

    • Snuggle Baby
    • Wildberry Vanilla Cream
    • Cherries & Chestnuts
    • Gingerbread BrulĂ©
    • Bear Claws Pasteries
    • Country Home
    • Purple Passion
    • Cozy Kitchen
    • Pennies From Heaven
    • Birthday Cake
    • Gingerbread House
    • Sweet Tarts
    • Frosted Winterberries
    • Pink Sugar
    • Boysenberries Hotcakes
    • Snow Angels
    • Hummingbird Happiness
    • Warm & Cozy
    • Rainy Days
    • Pumpkin Crunch Cake x2
    • Red Velvet Cake x 4

I'm so sad, I can't believe this is my last haul from my beloved Country Home Scents, how am I gonna live without the cuteness of these little tarts, I mean have you seen them ?! 
And contrarily to other people's experiences, I've never had a problem with the scent throw or the lasting power whatsoever. It's probably because I mostly melt tarts in my bedroom which is quite small.I'm really glad I got the scents I did, there's not one I don't like ! 
My favorite has to be Red Velvet Cake but this is a reorder, it's just awesome. So ya, hopefully one day they'll reopen, until then I think I'm gonna have trouble melting these :( !


  1. It is a bummer that they closed. They went into semi-retirement about a year of so ago, then came back for a while before this final shutdown.

    Maybe they'll be back on a smaller scale again some day.


  2. Great haul! Those tarts are so cute. For me, the tarts were hit or miss (mostly good though) but the customer service was excellent!

    1. Yes customer service was really good ! Kristina is a sweetheart :)