Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Nene's Kitchen Melts Haul

Hi ! 
I just received my second order from Nene's Kitchen Melts, I ordered on November 30, she shipped it on December 7 and I got the package today December 19. Shipping to Canada was $9.15 which is very reasonable considering it was a medium to large order.Customer service was great,Millicent is such a sweet girl. 
I mostly got the Regular .8 oz shots because they're only $1 and it allows me try a bigger variety of scents (and she has a huge scent list!)

Here's what I got :  

  • Pink Orange - Perfect balance between pink sugar and oranges,you can smell both equally
  • Red Velvet Cake - I mostly smell vanilla and cream cheese with a bakery note.I prefer Country Home Scent version
  • Pumpkin Chai - Well as you can expect this is really spicy !It smells like a creamy pumpkin with cinnamon
  • Orange Almond Biscotti - Not sure how I feel about this one, you can clearly smell the orange and the almond but it's a weird mix.
  • Pink Lavender - This is a very herbal lavender,not the kind I like but my mom loves it ! I don't smell any pink sugar on cold sniff
  • Amazing Grace Type - Having never smelled Amazing Grace, I can't really compare but this smells like an expensive soap lol.
  • Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies - This is my first blackberry scented tart so I don't really know what it's suppose to smell like.I smell berries with a subtle touch of cookies.
  • Brown Sugar Chai - Wow the brown sugar is so authentic here.It's the predominant note with some spices and a touch of maple.
  • Cherry Meringue Kisses - A sweet cherry mixed with vanilla !
  • Almond Creme - This is a very creamy almond. Not sure I would melt this by itself though as it could be a little too much.

  • Pink Serendipity - I smell mostly pink sugar with a touch of cherry and vanilla
  • Orange Creamsicle - What a great scent,a perfect mix of orange and vanilla
  • Amish Bakery - Scent is pretty weak on this one. I smell a sweet cinnamon
  • Sugared Berries & Plums - This smells exactly like its name, so good !
  • Bear Claws - This smells like a brown sugar oatmeal with raisins to me

  • Pink Pomegrenate x2 - This is a reorder ,I wanted to get a clamshell but for some reason Pink Sugar blends are only available in the Regular melts ! It's really sweet, pink sugar with a touch a fruitiness
  • Orange Pound Cake - You can definitely smell the cake note in this one. It's pretty weak so I'm gonna let it cure for a while
  • Cake Batter Ice Cream - Smells like vanilla ice cream with a bakery note
  • Atlantic Sea Kelp - This is so refreshing, I love it ! A great balance between fruity and floral 
  • Strawberry Buttercream - It's an artificial strawberry but I prefer that. Really sweet !
  • Marshmallow Fluff - Regular marshmallow scent, I can barely smell it on cold throw
  • Bake Shoppe - I get a lot a gingerbread in this one, great scent throw
  • Birthday Cake - I mostly smell the frosting, I don't get any bakery note. It's really weak
  • Fantasy Fluff Cake - I only smell cherry and vanilla but this is really weak on cold throw

  •  Ca C'est Bon! - This is a reorder, I just love this scent. It's so complex but I mainly smell almonds with something sweet. It has a great scent throw

  • Granny's Kitchen - Reorder as well. I smell cake,cinnamon and almonds. Really good scent throw

Pretty much everything has a good scent throw except the cake scents,in my last order the only one that had awful scent throw when melting was Sweet Snow Cake,I could barely smell anything when I was 1 inch away from the warmer.Hopefully that won't be the case with these ones, I'm going to let them cure a week or two just to be sure
Nonetheless,Nene's Kitchen Melts is one of my favorite vendor,it's only normal to have a couple duds on such a huge scent list !
I didn't get any freebies but she already told me she wasn't gonna send any to keep the shipping cost as low as possible. I know she usually includes some.

Have you tried Nene's Kitchen Melts ?

Laurence xoxo


  1. I have not tried this vendor but there are some yummy sounding ones in there. Brown Sugar Chai!

    I don't know if it's just my computer, but the spacing/layout on this post is running way off the side of the screen. I have to actually scroll over to read some parts. :(


    1. You should definitely try it, she has an awesome scent list ! And I just retyped everything,is it okay now ??

    2. Everything looks fine now. That was weird before.


    3. Great ! Well I think that's because I typed the original post on Word and then copy-pasted to Blogger !

  2. I haven't tried Nene's, either, but am always looking for new vendors! Ca C'est Bon and Almond Creme sound awesome, love me some almond scents! I think I've seen you around the Facebook wax groups, I recognize your photos! :)

    1. Almond scents are my favorite too ! And yes haha, I'm in a few wax groups :) Which ones are you in ?

    2. I frequent the Front Porch group, Wax Reviews, and the buy/sell/trade one! Almond scents are really, really nice! :)